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Your reputation and future work depend on your most recent translation. Let me help you satisfy your clients so they keep coming back to you! Job satisfaction counts. Mine comes from knowing that I’ve delivered the best possible translation. Solid Research. Translation skills based on 16+ years of experience. Quality Control before delivery.
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The Process Behind a Premium Translation

  • Discuss Project Details (plus volume/deadline) with my client.
  • Read the Original Transcript
  • Perform Initial Content Research
  • Accept the Work (Only if high quality possible)
  • Plan and Schedule the job
  • Ask Client Initial Questions
  • Comprehensive Content Research during translation
  • Write TranslatorĀ“s Notes while completing translation
  • Ask Client Further questions & reassure client regarding progress
  • Quality Control Check & Editing (12 points including accuracy, content, formatting requirements, spelling and more)
  • Perform final reading for cohesiveness, natural flow, and so on
  • Deliver translation before deadline
  • Ask Client for Final Review and Feedback.



16+ years of quality Japanese to English translation based on one core belief that I am only as good as my last translation.

Personalised Approach...

…Because your needs and your clients’ needs are important and collaboration is essential for a quality translation.

Great communication

I focus 100% while working to ensure quality. However, many years of translating full-time have taught me the value of discipline and efficiency. I check my email every 2 hours so you’re never left waiting.


My varied business experience as a technical translator and in business since 2002 has provided me with an appreciation of varied customer translation needs and a real-world understanding of numerous translation fields including computers/IT/network storage systems and devices, multimedia systems, telecommunications, general electronics, optics, and semiconductors. I graduated in 1995 from Durham University with a First-Class BA Hons in German, French and Spanish with a translation and language focus, including modules in German advertising & Business French. As a technical manual/patent translation checker/editor for RWS Group in 1995-1999, one of the largest players in the translation industry, I developed expertise in pro-level technical translation from Japanese, French and German into English in numerous fields as listed above and honed my editing/ translation knowledge.

I moved to Japan in 1999 and began working in Tokyo as a full-time translator of mainly Japanese patents in 2002. Since 2002, I have translated hundreds of thousands of words every year from Japanese and have developed a keen eye for accuracy, adding to my skills through ongoing education (Advanced Technical Japanese translation certificate from University of Wisconsin-Madison, a telecommunications certificate, and currently a machine-learning course). I am accurate, easily contactable, and always punctual in my deliveries, and look forward to discussing with you how I can help you communicate your message effectively through quality translation.

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